Business and industry accumulate waste from one end of the supply chain to the other as companies conduct business using an outdated model. As technology and innovation leap forward, the stodgy, inefficient business model continues to hinder progress.

Although new internet-based business tools have made the flow of information a bit faster and more broadly accessible, real business performance is trapped inside a centuries old business model.  The structural inefficiencies are still in place, impeding the flow of information, creating pockets of waste and driving up the cost of doing business.

Companies attack this waste by working with suppliers and customers, introducing new, more efficient processes, adopting quality improvement/waste reduction programs, etc. but, they are powerless on their own to address the accumulating ripples of waste driven by the chaotic flow of information.

And, until industry is viewed through the Vloyen “lens” most of that waste is invisible.  It’s just the way business has been done…forever!

Vloyen removes the gaps and impediments in the current system, allowing for the free-flow of information, instantly connecting the seeker/user with the creator. That connection is always open and always discoverable.  There are no gaps and no delays in the flow.

Vloyen (flowen) is a high-velocity communications and discovery platform.

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