Right now!

Vloyen is seeking partners to help bring this exciting new business model to market.  Individuals, companies or institutions which have the vision and wherewithal to help transform the business environment for the next century are welcome.

Companies which should be interested in Vloyen are:

Business publishers seeking to find a new path forward.  Struggling for years, most have invested in a host of new tools to stay competitive while margins slide and marketshare erodes. Something has to change and they know it.

New Media companies seeking new markets.  The B2B market has been illusive for most. Vloyen provides a unique point of entry while driving industry-wide transformation, creating a huge new business opportunity for its partners. Companies like Google, Yahoo, Amazon, Microsoft, Facebook, Apple and others should find Vloyen appealing.

NGOs – bringing the need into instant and perfect contact with the solution, Vloyen tools will help companies locate points of need for their philanthropic efforts. NGOs will be able to reach deeply into Vloyen to find those companies or individuals with the expertise or wherewithal needed to address an immediate or long-term need.

The Environment – Dramatically reducing the accumulated waste locked up in the current business model will have a long-lasting impact on the environment.

Academia – connecting the education and research with the requirement. Allowing companies to discover the expertise of a particular research lab or scientist, bringing potential partners together, instantly.

Educating the next generation of business professionals on the Vloyen model will be of great importance.

Government – developing common reporting platforms for business, driving out redundancy and waste for government and industry.  Real-time cause and effect analysis for rule-makers, legislators and industry. 

Investment Community – quickly and seamlessly assess a market, discover new opportunities, track, in real-time, companies, industries and market segments, using Vloyen “discovery” tools.

Developing world – connecting scientists, entrepreneurs no matter where they’re located with potential parters, investors, collaborators anywhere, accelerating growth and opportunities. 

The list goes on…

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