Vloyen Reinvents B2B Publishing

New model creates huge opportunities for publishers

The Internet has disrupted few industries more than publishing as the transition from print to digital media has dragged most kicking and screaming into the digital age. Along the way, even the best run publishing businesses have struggled, having to continually “right size” their companies based on these new digital realities.

To stay in the game publishers have had to adjust to a plethora of new competing platforms and the ever-changing demands of their customers and readers. Competition now comes from around the globe or from homegrown newsletters and websites offering competing or even significantly better content, all taking a slice of potential revenue. Social media takes its own bite out of the ever-shrinking profitability apple.

The surviving publishers believe they’ve successfully transitioned to this new digital platform. But something bigger and more transformative has occurred. The Internet is not just a digital platform, it’s an enabling technology. It has the potential to change everything we do and how we do it. Today, publishers are simply modifying their behavior within the old model, moving from print to digital but, essentially, it’s business as usual, which leaves them vulnerable to the next innovation.  

Vloyen embraces the power of the Internet, dramatically accelerating communication between companies and within industries, bringing with it many new efficiencies and opportunities. Publishers are at the center of this transition and can play a significant role as this new model rolls out.

To learn more about the Vloyen model visit: www.Vloyen.com