Vloyen Introduces Powerful Business Model for Industry

High-velocity communications and discovery platform will change the way business is conducted

Locked inside today’s business model are layers and layers of wasted time and effort, lost or delayed opportunities, affecting all facets of the business environment. Companies and industries direct a huge amount of resources to tackle this waste. The size and scope of the problem is daunting. For example, a search for “supply chain initiative” returns 57 million results! Finding new efficiencies is a major preoccupation for business and industry.

While these efforts are important, they only address the symptoms, not the cause and, therefore, can only chip away at the edges, leaving the root of the problem untouched.

Vloyen is not another “supply chain initiative.”  It is unique, powerful, and comprehensive. It by-passes the old model, replacing it with something new, clearing the way for much greater efficiency. Vloyen eliminates many of the inherent barriers and, as a result, can lower the cost of doing business by as much as 20-30%!

Vloyen is seeking partners to help bring this new model to industry.  Partners could and should include:

New Media companies like Facebook, Google, YouTube, Amazon, Apple, Yahoo, and others are prime potential partners. They have the wherewithal, the expertise, and long-term view needed for a project of this scale.

Publishers are a major contributor to supply chain waste. They obstruct the free-flow of information. That being said, Publishers have a significant role to play, going forward.

Academic partners can help refine the Vloyen model and prepare the next generation of business professionals.

Government partners seeking new efficiencies for their country’s industries and closer relations with those they serve should find Vloyen appealing.

Research partners can help define tools for collaboration, R&D, and discovery, better aligning research with the need.

NGOs can use Vloyen tools to match the need with the solution.