U.S. Wasting $Trillions on R&D

Connecting R&D IP Instantly to Business Partners is a sea change for industry

In a widely quoted comment, Forrester Research said, “U.S. firms annually waste $1trillion in underused intellectual property assets by failing to extract the full value of that property through partnerships.”

An article in Forbes added to Forester’s analysis with this: “Of today’s 2.1 million active patents, 95 percent fail to be licensed or commercialized.  These unlicensed patents include over 50,000 high-quality patented inventions developed by universities. More than $5 trillion has been spent in the U.S. alone on research and development over the past 20 years, much of which went to create the very patents that remain unlicensed.”

This issue with uncommercialized patents is only part of the story. Companies have a mountain of unused Intellectual Property (IP) sitting on their shelves. Unlocking that potential would be a game-changer for industry.

Vloyen represents a new business model with the potential to make the necessary connections, bringing the IP together with the right business partner, instantly.  Vloyen revolutionizes the way companies communicate, providing instant, unfettered access to information, resulting in new efficiencies and discoveries not possible today.

This powerful, new business model will change the way companies interact, develop products, prospect for customers or suppliers, find employees, transact, collaborate and much more.

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