The Internet has enabled a host of new and exciting tools for business.  Unlike a typical, internet-based new-found efficiency, Vloyen will change the way the system works, entirely, using the power of the internet but within a new model.  As a result, Vloyen will take disruption to another level.  

  • Sales will be reinvented as Vloyen brings buyers and sellers much closer together, facilitating perfect buyer/seller matches
  • Media and marketing systems (publishing companies, social media) will be disrupted
  • News, articles, blogs, expert columns will flow throughout Vloyen without the need for trade magazines, news sites, etc  
  • Market research, produced in real-time, will allow for continuous and more accurate analysis and market opportunity discoveries
  • Industry advocacy groups will be transformed with powerful, connected tools, enhancing member relations, expanding reach, removing overlaps
  • Vloyen will facilitate R&D, connecting industry technology roadmaps, developing technology partnerships along the entire supply chain, allowing company and industry efforts to be integrated, accelerating innovation
  • R&D labs (government, university and institutes) are instantly connected and matched to industry/company needs
  • Business mergers and acquisitions will flourish as companies locate synergistic partners
  • Purchasing cooperatives provide “multinational” pricing to SMEs (small to medium sized enterprises)
  • Company regulatory compliance can be managed through Vloyen.
  • Social media groups like Linkedin, Facebook, etc., could be disrupted.
  • CRMs like Salesforce can be replaced with Vloyen CRMs
  • Government Reps will have instant access to industry issues and concerns and, vice versa

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